Best out of Everything!

Sahil Ranadive

Trying to extract the best out of waste is a popular notion, however at EcoSoul we try to extract the best of everything, be it waste, or otherwise.

EcoSoul brings to you fresh solutions to your every need. Accessorize with the newest and trendiest line of jewelry that is organic and handcrafted with love.

Minimalistic use of material and innovative ideas are EcoSoul’s hallmarks, producing a variety of designs in women’s jewelry spanning necklaces and earrings, EcoSoul brings to you products made from coconut shells which do not find use in our day to day life.

Handcrafted with extreme care by the women from the ‘rurality’ of India and precisely finished with the ever modernizing machines, EcoSoul brings unmatched quality to the table.

While providing employment to a large fraction of Indian rurals from the districts of Maharahtra, EcoSoul believes in supporting these women. For the same, five percent of all their proceeds are donated for the development of women in rural India.

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